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Basic Ordering Process

Ordering ECMLink is really very simple. But to a completely new user, it can be a little confusing if you don't understand the terminology and process already.

Main Products

First, there are two main ECMLink products: Full V3 and V3Lite.

V3Lite is just a subset of the full V3 package in terms of functionality, with pricing set accordingly.

You can get information on how these two packages compare to each other off our product comparison page.

Supported ECUs

ECMLink installs inside your car's computer (ECU).

Both the Full V3 and V3Lite packages support the 1990-1997 DSM ECUs. The ECU needs to either be an EPROM model ECU or, if it's not, then the ECU will need to be converted from non-EPROM to EPROM in order to run ECMLink.

There are ordering options on the main product pages (Full V3 or V3Lite) to allow you to specify whether you need the non-EPROM conversion or not.

To tell if your ECU is non-EPROM or EPROM, refer to this page. You can get some more detailed information off the EPROM ID page.

The V3Lite package also supports the early 1992-1995 EVO1-3 ECUs. Luckily for the EVO1-3 guys, all these ECUs are EPROM ECUs.

The following lists out the other items to consider.

  1. SOCKET CHECK: Once you have confirmed that your ECU is an EPROM model, you'll need to check that the EPROM is removable. Our Socket ID page contains all the information you need to know about this.
  2. PLACING THE ORDER: At this point, you should know whether you have an EPROM ECU or not and you should know whether you need us to socket that ECU or not. You should be ready to fill out the order form. Be sure to select the socket service option if you intend to send the ECU in for socket work. If you still have questions, go ahead and contact us.
  3. AFTER THE ORDER: After your order is placed, your next step will depend on whether you need to send us your ECU for work or not. If you need us to socket the ECU (or do the non-EPROM conversion on it), then wait for our reply to your order with final instructions. We'll include all the shipping details you need. If you do not need us to socket your ECU, then we will ship your order out as quickly as possible.
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