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-====== Problem ​resolution ​====== +====== Problem ​Resolution ​====== 
-This page is focused on the set of **hard** problems. ​ That is, those problem ​that result ​in some hard failure (can'​t ​connect to the ECU, can'​t ​start the engine, etc.).+This page is focused on hard failures, those problems ​that stop you in your tracks. ​ Examples include being unable to connect to the ECU or unable to start your engine at all. 
 +  * [[ConnectionProblem|Connection problems]] - Can'​t ​connect to the ECU (command timed out, etc.) 
 +  * [[VistaUsage|Vista compatibility (V2 ONLY)]] - A collection of things related to usage of the older V2 DSMLink application under Vista 
 +  * [[v2ViewingValues|Datalogging new values (V2 ONLY)]] - How to log items like LTFT, TPS, and other missing things 
 +  * [[ScrambledGraphics|Scrambled graphics]] - How to fix a scrambled screen in the DSMLink application 
 +  * [[NewEngineWontStart|Engine won't start]] - Tips on how to diagnose an engine that won't start 
 +  * [[V3SettingsRevertToDefaults|V3 Settings Revert To Defaults]] - Reasons that V3 settings may unintentionally revert to defaults
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