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Welcome to the DSMLink Support Wiki

Here you'll find an archive of information and how-to's related to the installation, configuration, and usage of DSMLink. Don't know what DSMLink is? 8-O Shame on you. Luckily you can catch up on the overview page.

Use the following list of general categories to find what you need. Or, try the search button.

  • Problem resolution - Solutions to hard failures (can't connect, can't start engine, etc.)
  • Quickie tips - Quick tips for simple problems (searching forums, viewing values, etc.)
  • How-To's - Simple how-to's from those that have-done
  • Tutorials - Short tutorials or general explanations of functionality
  • References - Quick references for commonly used bits of information
  • ECU damage/repair - A collection of notes you can use to evaluate ECU damage and repair cost
  • Counterfeit copies - How to identify the worst scum of the earth…those selling counterfeit copies of our stuff


The following can also be found by walking through various other pages above. But because these pages are referenced so often, they are provided here as a set of quicklinks directly to the page.

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