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-===== 3.33.115 (11/27/2016) =====+===== 3.36.64 (02/09/2018) =====
-  * Added airflow and boost-based ​fuel cut options ​You'​ll find these in the ECU Config->​Fuel ​tab once you have updated [[http://​​downloads.php|your laptop application]].+  * Added option to prime the fuel rail by running the fuel pump for some amount of time after key onThe option is located on the "ECU Config→Misc" ​tab. It should default to 0 seconds to simulate stock behavior and you should be able to increase this in half-second steps up to, I think, 30 secondsWhen you turn the ignition key on, the pump should run for this many seconds as long as the ignition key is onIf you disrupt this time by turning the ignition key off, the pump should stop immediately and then restart the full prime time again when you next restore the key to the on position. 
 +===== 3.33.115 (11/​27/​2016) ===== 
 +  * Added airflow and boost-based fuel cut options. You'll find these in the ECU Config→Fuel tab once you have updated [[http://​​downloads.php|your laptop application]].
 ===== 3.28.119 (06/​03/​2014) ===== ===== 3.28.119 (06/​03/​2014) =====
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