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 +====== DSMLink Overview ======
 +DSMLink is a management system for the factory engine computer (ECU or ECM) installed in 1990-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipses, Eagle Talons and Plymouth Lasers. ​ [[wp>​Mitsubishi_Eclipse]] ​ These cars are turbo-charged 4-cylinders running either AWD or FWD and either manual or automatic transmissions.
 +DSMLink has two core components. ​ The first is a chip replacement that goes inside the car's ECU.  The second is a laptop application that talks to this chip via the diagnostic port in the car.  The user is able to adjust a variety of parameters used by the ECU to run the car's engine. ​ These changes can be made to optimize the performance of the engine or to adjust for changes the user has made to the engine'​s configuration.
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