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Order can't be Processed

By FAR, the most common problem people have with submitting orders on our site is the generic “Order can't be processed” or “Transaction failed” message. This is almost always the result of a mismatch in the credit card billing address and the address entered by the user. The following illustrates how to check this.

STEP 1: Shipping address

The first step in our checkout procedure is where the customer selects his or her delivery address. This is where the package will be mailed and may be different from the address associated with the customer's credit card billing statement.

STEP 2: Billing address

The next step is where the customer can specify a billing address associated with their credit card. This is the address used to validate the credit card. This address MUST MATCH the address on file with the credit card bank for the credit card being used. This is usually the address where the customer's billing statement is mailed. Call your credit card company to confirm this address if you have any doubts or get repeated failures.

STEP 3: Confirmation screen

The final step is just a summary screen to show the information collected in the first two steps. The customer's shipping address listed in the delivery section should match the address the customer wants the package delivered to. The billing address should match the address associated with the credit card.

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