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Ethanol sensor parts list reference

Here we'll collect together a number of pieces and parts that you may need to install an ethanol sensor for use with ECMLink's flex fuel code. Since every car's setup is a little different, the parts you're going to need will be very specific to your setup. So if you find a part that you needed for your install that's not listed below, feel free to update this list (login info for edit access is the same as your ECMLink forum account) or send us an e-mail and we'll see about doing the update for you.

Image reference Description
gm13577429.jpg GM Part # 13577429 - Basic sensor without mounting points.

Pace Performance has it listed for less than $60 at the time of this writing.
www.ecmtuning.com_wiki_lib_plugins_ckgedit_fckeditor_userfiles_image_ethanolsensor_gm13577394.jpg GM Part # 13577394 - Long line version with mounting points.

Pace Performance has it listed for less than $90 at the time of this writing.
gm13577379.jpg GM Part # 13577379 - Short line version with mounting points.

Pace Performance has it listed for less than $90 at the time of this writing.
EFI Connection Part # 100-00741- Link

The connector is a Delphi 3-Cavity GT 150 Female Connector. You can find this connector w/pins and seals on various websites and/or a complete pigtail if you want to solder it into place. Both EFI Connection and Ballenger Motorsports provide pigtails or the individual parts.

Mouser also carries the individual parts (not the assembled pigtail). Mouser part numbers are 13511132 (connector), 15326264 (pins) and 15366021 (seals). You also need some locks and pins. You can get all this information from Delphi, but once you realized that you have to buy qty. 500 of the 13511132 it just doesn't make sense to do so. Best to just use the EFI pigtail or the GM part listed below.
GM Part # 13352241- Link

Another, potentially cheaper, option for the harness. This is a factory GM part with the flex fuel sensor connector on one end and some other connector that you can just cut off on the other end.
Summit Part # rus-640853 - Link

Russell 6AN to 3/8 in Hard Tube Push-on EFI Fitting - Part# 640853​

NOTE: It has been recommended that you use Russell part # 644120 (blue) or Russell part # 644123 (black) instead. There have been reports of the plastic parts on the 640853 failing over time. The 644120/3 fittings incorporate a threaded metal lock instead.
Autozone part # 800-085 - Link

Dorman/3/8 in. steel to 5/16 in. nylon tubing fuel line quick connector

Sample install pages

If you want to see how other people are installing these sensors, we'll collect together a list here of nice thread write-ups on various forums. It's nice to see how others are doing this to get some new ideas and new insights.

How to put native E85 on your G8

Flex Fuel kits for the 86

Affordable Flex Fuel Sensor - MR2

High-level install overview

I thought this image did a good job of explaining the high-level install.

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