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Supported Aftermarket Sensors

The lists below detail which sensors the ECMLink application supports for datalogging. Others can be added fairly easily, but honestly doesn't happen all that often. The V3 application allows for user-defined sensors. The full process for defining 100% custom sensor display modules is not documented yet. But the process for logging custom linear sensors is documented on the linear items page. This lets you log or tweak the logging of any linear wideband kit, boost or fuel pressure sensor.

Wideband O2 kits

  • AEM with and without gauge (please see our notes on this kit!)
  • Dyno Jet
  • FJO
  • PLX M-series
  • Techedge v1 and v2
  • Zeitronix ZT-2

Boost pressure sensors

  • AVCR 3 and 4-bar
  • GM 3 and 3.3-bar (P/N info below)
  • AEM 3.5 and 5-bar
  • Apex'I EL series
  • Greddy 52mm and 60mm
  • Turbo XS sensors


  • Autometer fuel and oil pressure (sensor #2246)
    • Note: this is apparently the same as Kavlico's P265 sensor, if that helps in some way.
  • GM intake air temperaure (P/N info below)
  • MSD Air Intake Sensor #2320
  • Apex'I EL EGT

Part number information

GM Connectors - If you need connectors or adapters, I really like these guys.

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