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2G Non-EPROM Conversion Process

Not to brag or anything, but we do a lot of unique, cool stuff at ECMTuning. Stuff that NOBODY else in the world does. So, yeah, we might be bragging a bit, but there are a few things that really do deserve some special mention. The 2G non-EPROM conversion board is one of those.

This is not a simple board with a simple adapter. It's a complex design, complex build and complex installation. And to do all that while charging around $150 is a real challenge. The only other company that used to do anything even remotely similar (TechTom/TechnoSquare) did it in a horrible way and charged $600-$700 to do it.

Initial Non-EPROM Board

The following picture shows an original non-EPROM board, ready for modification (click to enlarge).


CPU Removed

The first step is to carefully remove the CPU and make a few other modifications to the ECU's PCB to prepare it for our conversion. The following picture shows a board after this step is complete (click to enlarge).


Adapter Plug

After the CPU is removed, we have to install an adapter plug in its place (left picture). We do not make this plug, but we do pay dearly for it! Note the careful solder work involved on those castellations (side pads) on the adapter board.

And better yet, look at the work required to build that mating piece in the picture on the right! Those are hand built with 100 pins spaced about as closely as you can. It's hard to get anyone willing to even make the piece those pins fit into with such tight tolerances much less install and solder all 100 pins!

qfp100base.jpg qfp100mate.jpg

Finished Product

The final step is to snap our specially designed conversion board into place. The following picture shows the finished result (click to enlarge). Note the machined mounting bar and machined spacers used to secure the board in place using the mounting points provided in the factory ECU case bottom. There is a LOT of manual, custom work done to produce these boards.

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