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Rev Limiters

Someone, somewhere put this together at some point in time. I'm copying it here for archival purposes.

  • Idle: Targetted idle RPM.
  • Launch: Rev. limit imposed when speed is UNDER “Launch Spd” (in RPM dialog)
  • Rev Limit: Rev. limit imposed when speed is OVER “Launch Spd” (in RPM dialog)
  • Enable Clutch Cut: Select Enabled clutch cut if you have connected the clutch switch to the ECU as outlined in the DSMLink instruction sheet that came with the wire (if you have a 1990 DSM you will need to follow the instructions located on the 90 clutch cut wire page instead). Once enabled and connected properly, you can select a shift rev limit that will be active anytime the clutch pedal is in and vehicle speed is greater than “Launch Spd”.
  • Launch Spd: Used to determine the point at which the rev limit changes from Launch to the full Rev limit. A value slightly lower than the speed at which you’d expect the car to be moving in 1st gear at the selected Launch RPM seems to work well. Entering a Launch Spd value that’s too high will effectively make the Launch limit your new Rev limit in 1st gear because the car won’t reach the shut off speed under normal conditions by the time the Launch rev limit is reached.
  • Coast FC adj: Used to tweak the lower limit on coasting fuel cut. Enter a value in here when you select an idle point greater than 900 RPM and observe any odd behavior while coasting down or letting the revs drop. As a general rule of thumb, you should enter the difference between your selected idle point and 900. So if you select an idle of 1100 RPM, you might try entering 200 into the Coast FC adj box.
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