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SD Options - No IAT

You disable IAT compensation while running SD by setting the SDTempWeighting table in direct access to all zero. This removes IAT compensation while retaining basic coolant-based compensation.

MAP Sensor Options

If you choose not to run an IAT sensor, then you only need a MAP sensor to run SD. We have two MAP sensors available on our website:

GM-style- Provides a general-purpose port-style nipple interface you can run a simple vacuum line to.

Mitsubishi-style- Mounts in place of a factory 2G MDP sensor on a factory 2G-style intake manifold.

Both are the same 4-bar sensor internally, so there's no decision there.

GM-style MAP with no IAT

If you're running a GM-style MAP with no IAT sensor, you'll still need to decide how you want to wire the MAP sensor into your harness. You can use our SD Cable if you want a plug-n-play solution. You'll just leave the IAT connector unused.

Or you can wire the MAP sensor into the wiring harness using our pig tail. The red wire goes to +5v, the black wire goes to sensor ground and the blue wire goes to whichever ECU input you've chosen for the MAP. The most common is the baro input, but that depends on a few other decisions like whether you're going to retain the stock MAF while dialing in the SD VE table. Pin out information can be found on our ECU wiring information page.

Mitsubishi-style MAP with no IAT

The Mitsubishi-style MAP plugs directly into your 2G MDP harness connector. The MAP sensor bolts onto the intake manifold in place of the factory MDP sensor. So make sure you're either running a factory 2G DSM intake manifold or that your manifold has been adapted with this flange.

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