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Wideband Basics

This page is intended to familiarize the reader with the highest level concepts of wiring in a wideband kit. It does not talk specifically about any particular kit and it does not cover wiring detail. It simply outlines the basic concepts involved.

Wideband Kit Outputs

Wideband kits typically have two different types of outputs. In the wideband kit install notes, one output will be called something like “0-1v simulated narrowband” and the other will be called something like “0-5v analog wideband”. If you want to remove the factory front O2 sensor and use the WB's simulated output in its place, then both outputs will be used. The narrowband signal will be connected to the ECU's front O2 input so that the ECU sees what it believes is a factory O2 signal on that pin. The 0-5v analog wideband signal will be connected to another input pin on the ECU to be datalogged as a wideband signal.

0-1v Narrowband Output

The narrowband output is typically ranged from 0-1v and is only useful in providing the ECU with a simulation of a factory O2 sensor. It does not generally serve as an acceptable wideband output because it's meant to switch abruptly between lean and rich around stoich just as the factory sensor does. It's only purpose is to provide a replacement signal for the factory front O2 sensor if the factory O2 sensor is removed from the car.

V3 NOTE: Our latest ECMLink (V3) product offers a narrowband simulation function internal to the ECU, thus freeing up an additional logging input. With that function, you simply run your wideband sensor's 0-5v analog output to the ECU and then configure ECMLink to do the simulation internally. This allows you to use only one input to the ECU (typically the front O2 input) to do both jobs for you (logging wideband A/F ratio and simulating narrowband operation for normal closed loop control).

0-5v Analog Output

The other output is more useful in terms of datalogging or monitoring A/F ratio. It's typically scaled from 0-5v and can be fed into the ECUs on some available input pin to be datalogged in DSMLink. You will need to refer to the documentation provided with the wideband kit to determine which signal is appropriate for use here.

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