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EVO 1-3 CPU Issues

With the help of some friends in Australia, we've identify a unique problem with the early EVO ECUs and our V3Lite flash modules produced in 2009.

The symptoms include the random changing of various ECU configuration settings (the large speed density table is most likely) and the inability to perform any direct access updates.

If you are have any of these symptoms, please check your CPU for compatibility and let us know if you feel you need an updated flash module.

The “A” shown in the image above is present on some MH6211 processors used in some EVO1-3 style ECUs. This “A” indicates very different electrical timing specs compared to processors without the “A”. Our testing and all of our beta users and all of our initial customers just happen to have processors without the “A”. Figures. But hopefully this means that processors with the “A” are relatively uncommon and that the number of people affected by this is fairly small.

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