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Searching the Forums

The forums are intended for registered users of DSMLink. They can be found at the URL below.

  1. Use the advanced search page. You can do a much better job of whittling down a result list using this page.
  2. Put in dmertz or twdorris as the userid (try each). Together we've posted well over 10,000 replies, the vast majority of which are specifically user support topics. That's not to say others don't post tons of useful information too . But with that many posts specifically intended to provide user support responses, you may find that your results are much more specific.
  3. Try a variety of different keyword searches. Use wildcards to help. For example, if you're looking for why you might be seeing an “outofbounds” exception, use bounds in the keyword search. Being too specific will result in an empty list.
  4. I much prefer the Show results as posts option over the Show results as threads option.
  5. Use the Save search preferences option at the bottom of the screen once you have a typical search configuration entered. I have the Show results as posts option checked by default, for example.


  • If you're wanting to gain an understanding of how the ISCPosition and LrndIdleAdj variables operate, try searching for iscpo with user ID dmertz. Read through some of his replies and any posts that lead up to his reply in the thread. You can get a great collection of tips and suggestions for working with these two variables to get idle issues under control this way.
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