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Using an '88/'89 Colt ECU

These ECUs are very closely related to the 1990 1G DSM ECU. In fact, they're so close you can almost use them interchangeably. The one item a Colt ECU does not have that a 1990 1G DSM ECU would is boost gauge control simply because the original Colt did not have have an ECU-control boost gauge in the dash anywhere. We can, however, modify this ECU easily enough while it's here to include this functionality if you want.

NOTE: Since an '88/'89 Colt ECU is so closely related to a 1990 DSM ECU, you have to do the same amount of work to the Colt ECU to run it in a 1991-1994 DSM as you would to a 1990 DSM ECU. We can do this conversion as well, but there's an additional charge of 30 minutes repair time since the heat sink has to come off to do this properly.

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