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V2 UI Tweaks (V2 ONLY)

There are a few items in DSMLink's configuration that require you to manually editing the dsmlink.prefs and/or calcroutines.prefs files to adjust. This page is intended to document these, before now, “undocumented” tweaks.


The dsmlink.prefs and calcroutines.prefs files can be found in the DSMLink main program directory. Unless you specified something different at install time, this would normally be:

C:\Program Files\DSMLink

Edit the files with Notepad or some other basic text editor. Be sure that DSMLink is not running while you edit one of these files. Once you save the file, run DSMLink again to see the effects.

Legend/graph tweaks

The following are specific to the legend area below the graph and the graph panel itself. These allow for restructuring of the legend area for easier viewing in some situations.

backgroundRGB = 0x000000
penWidth = 1
legendCols = 3
legendFontSize = 12
doCheckBoxes = true

Those are the default values DSMLink uses if nothing else is specified. I find that the following values work well for me when viewing the laptop from a distance or on a laptop with a small display screen.

penWidth = 2
legendCols = 2
legendFontSize = 18
doCheckBoxes = false

For my big ol' desktop with lots of screen real estate, I like the following:

penWidth = 1
legendCols = 4
legendFontSize = 12
doCheckBoxes = true

Capture filename

Another, perhaps less useful item, is the following.

captureFilenameDateFormat = MMddyyyy

I've not mentioned the filename date format one before because I really intend to change that eventually to something more flexible. For now, though, if you'd like to change the format of the default date string on new captures, you can adjust that one setting.

Mouse graph scroll

The following enables a “new” mouse graph scroll mechanism.


The default is false because it's not clear how well users will receive or make use of this. It takes a little getting used to, but many may find it easier to scroll around a datalog using this than the time slider at the bottom of the main screen.

Update: The more I use this, the less I like it. It's really quite a poor implementation. This will get completely re-written soon.

Default display items

When you select Display→Toggle default set, DSMLink looks to the calcroutines.prefs file to determine which display items to leave checked and which to unchecked in the graph legend. You specify which to leave checked as illustrated below.


Basically, start each with Display.default. then append the name (as displayed on the screen in the graph legend) of the item you want to leave checked. Note that spaces (' ') in the screen name must be converted to underscores ('_') in the property name.


There are a LOT of displayable items in DSMLink. You may find that you like the Display→All function if you could only prevent a few of the more obscure items from appearing in the legend. This can be done using the Display.ignore property like so:


Display item colors

Normally, the order of a displayed item in the Display→Values list will determine its color on the screen. If you wish to override this with a fixed values, you can add something like the following to calcroutines.prefs:


The specified color can either be a name or a 0xRRGGBB specification like that used in the backgroundRGB property. The name can be one of the following:

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Dark_Gray, Gray, Light_Gray, Magenta, Orange, Pink, White

Capitalization doesn't matter, but the underscores do need to be present as in Light_Gray.

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