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V3Lite Configurations Options

This page is a collection of tips and files for setting V3Lite up for a few common alternative configurations.

Full V3: If you have the full V3 package, you will want to use our V3 configs page instead.

EVO8 settings: The section that used to be here for EVO8 injectors has been moved to the more specific EVO8 V3 settings page.

Replacement Timing and Fuel tables

The following are a few sample OpenLoop and Tmng tables for use with ECMLink. To use these, simply open them with File→Open. That will bring up a direct access tab with only the data pulled from the opened file. Once you're there, you can hit the “Copy all to ECU” button to copy all the tables in the file into the ECU. These replace the underlying open loop target A/F ratio and timing tables. Remember, if you don't like them, you can always swap back to stock with the click of a toolbar button in the DirectAccess tab.

Stock EVO1-3 EVO1-3-stock.eda Stock EVO1-3
2003 USDM EVO8 EVO8-2003-stock.eda Bone stock 2003 EVO8 - my own car
2003 USDM EVO8 (mod1) EVO8-2003-mod1.eda A slightly modified version of the 2003 EVO8 map that works a bit better on high boost/quick spool cars.
2004 EVO8 GSR Ralliart EVO8-2004-GSR-Ralliart A rather aggressive tune. Review first!

Replacement MAF tables (pre-3.20.107)

NOTE: This section ONLY applies to V3Lite version before 3.20.107. But, really, if you have a version of V3Lite before version 3.20.107, you should upgrade instead of using these files. The 3.20.107 release made it possible for V3Lite users to simply select a new Base MAF type on the MAFComp tab like the full V3 users could.

But if you want to stick with your current version of V3Lite for some reason, then here are the files you'll need to use to change your base MAF type.

If you install a 2G DSM MAF on a car with a 1G ECU, you'll need to change the underlying MAF compensation tables. Similarly, if you install an EVO8/3G MAF on a 1G, 2G or EVO1-3 ECU, you'll need to do the same thing. The files you need to use are below. Just load the appropriate file into the ECMLink application and hit “Copy all to ECU”. That's about it.

Stock 1G DSM 1GDSM-stock-MAF-v3lite.eda Stock 1G DSM
Stock 2G DSM or EVO1-32GDSM-stock-MAF-v3lite.eda Stock 2G DSM or EVO1-3 (609)
Stock EVO8/3G EVO8-stock-MAF-v3lite.eda Stock Lancer EVO8/3G MAF (399 or 501)
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