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Firmware upgrade - Instructions here

Latest V3 release: v3.46.226 - Changelog / history
Latest V3Lite release: v3.46.225 - Changelog / history

Use this page to download the latest firmware for your existing V3 flash device.  To start the upgrade process, we need to get a firmware request file from your ECU (instructions).  From this file, our server will generate a custom firmware upgrade with all the default settings copied from the provided request file.

You MUST download and install the latest ECMLink application first before you upgrade your firmware! If you try to ugprade your firmware with a version of the application that's incompatible with the new firmware, you may not be able to reconnect to your ECU after the upgrade is done!

firmware request (.fwr) file FROM YOUR ECU:

When you hit the Submit button below, our servers will build your personal firmware upgrade on demand based on the settings data provided in the request file.  Please be patient as this may take anywhere from 5-10 seconds to complete.