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ECMLink 101

This page is intended to orient the new user to the ECMLink system and, to some extent, ECU tuning concepts in general. If you just received your package and really have no idea where to even start, this is probably the page for you. If you already know how to tune an ECU and already understand basic engine operation and how to use the ECMLink application, then this page may still have some useful tips and links to other pages that you may find of interest. So still give it a good reading just to make sure.

V1/V2 NOTE: We strongly recommend that everyone upgrade to the V3 application on their laptop. This is a free upgrade that you can just download off our website. When you first run the application, pull up the “Configure Connection” dialog box, set your device type and you should be able to connect just as you were before.

  • Install/powerup/connect - Installing the application and device drivers and powering up for the first time and connecting.
  • Initial sanity checks - Some basic things to check before firing up the engine
  • Datalogging basics - Information about datalogs; what they contain, how to add items to them, how to view settings from them, etc.
  • Datalogging tips - How to work efficiently with datalogs
  • Demo videos - We have a number of demo videos up on our main website that you should watch if you're unfamiliar with the ECMLink application. We demonstrate basic concepts like datalogging as well as injector compensation, basic airflow setup and throttle position calibration to get you started.

General Concepts

  • Engine and ECU 101 - You need to have a reasonable understanding of engine operation and ECU tuning concepts. If you already have an idea of how airflow and fuel flow and timing work together in an engine, then you can skip this page.
  • Speed Density 101 - Everything you need to know to get a jump start on speed density operation with ECMLink.
  • Fuel trims - Really understanding fuel trims and how they are used by the ECU can help immensely in fine tuning your setup.

Adjustment Functions and Dial-in Tips

  • TPS Adjust - One of the first thing we like to suggest is that you get your throttle position sensor adjusted so that the ECU is happy with what it sees. You can use this helper function to do that.
  • MAFComp Adjust (CombinedFT) - If you're pretty sure the fuel setup is correct and you're able to run the engine in closed loop mode, then you can try letting the laptop application make a set of suggestions to the airflow curve for you based on fuel trim data. Try to use some common sense on this one, though. If the suggested values are all over the place or just don't make much sense to you, don't use them.
  • Quickie A/F setup - If you'd like to adjust airflow a bit yourself, you can use this page for a few more tips on using fuel trims to fine tune your setup.
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