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Latest & greatest - v3.46.226 (changelog) Date Updated Size Format
Windows 32-bit Jul 4, 2023 41M EXE
Windows 64-bit Jul 4, 2023 29M EXE
Mac Universal (x64/ARM64) Jul 4, 2023 34M DMG
Linux x64 (64-bit) Jul 4, 2023 27M GZ
Linux ARM64 (64-bit) Jul 4, 2023 25M GZ

Drivers Date Updated Size Format
Windows (installer app) Mar 5, 2024 2.2M EXE
Mac OS X 10.4+
  Supports OS X version 10.4 and above
Sep 25, 2009 553K DMG
RxTx source
  We had to fix a couple bugs in RxTx to use it under Mac and Linux. This is our contribution back to the community with those fixes. Enjoy!
Dec 19, 2008 1.3M TGZ

Documentation Date Updated Size Format
ECMLink App & Driver Install Dec 14, 2008 112K PDF
ECMLink 1G Cable Install Dec 14, 2008 155K PDF
ECMLink Flash Device Install Feb 26, 2009 704K PDF
EPROM chip removal on a 2G ECU May 24, 2010 358K PDF
Non-EPROM Conversion Notes May 18, 2009 304K PDF
GM MAF Cable Install Sep 21, 2012 2.0M PDF
1G Clutch Wire Install Dec 14, 2008 172K PDF
2G Clutch Wire Install Dec 14, 2008 927K PDF
ECU Input Buffer Install Dec 14, 2008 130K PDF
V2 1G Cable Install Dec 14, 2008 213K PDF
V2 1G Memory Board Install Dec 14, 2008 604K PDF
V2 User's Guide Dec 14, 2008 460K PDF