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We're going to try to organize these demos so that a new user has some idea of which to watch first. So if you're completely new and have no idea where to start, just start at (1) and work your way down.


DISCLAIMER: These videos were made 15 years ago! They are dated, we know, but still relevant. However, we do feel the need to apologize for the vintage feel to them...


THANKS: A HUGE thanks is owed to Lorenzo Duran for converting these files from Flash format (which *nothing* supposts anymore) to MP4!

Application demo videos Date Updated
1. Application - Basic Tuning Example
  A very basic tuning example showing how to use the datalogging and tuning integration in ECMLink to make a simple change to one of the ignition advance tables. This demo is really intended just to show what you can do with ECMLink and the very basic idea of making a simple change to the ECU.
Mar 19, 2010
2. Datalogging - Streaming and Capturing Data
  Shows the basics of streaming and capturing data to disk along with a description of the preferences associated with those operations.
Mar 22, 2010
3. Datalogging - Captured and Display Values
  Explains the difference between captured values inside the ECU and the display values on your screen. Hint - one is calculated from the other and you have to tell the ECU what to log first before you can see the results on your screen.
Mar 21, 2010
4. Datalogging - Graph Navigation
  Shows some of the navigation controls in ECMLink that make it quick and easy to move around in datalogs regardless of size from 10-second clips to hour long cruises.
Mar 18, 2010
5. Datalogging - Graph Selections
  Shows how to use selections to make your life and the life of those reviewing your log files easier.
Mar 18, 2010
6. Datalogging - Options and Scaling
  Shows some of the basic datalog tab and graph item preferences as well as how to change the scaling of display items.
Mar 23, 2010
7. ECU - Initial setup
  A walk through on the initial setup of your ECU's basic configuration items (injectors and airflow) along with a simple TPS adjustment example.
Mar 25, 2010
8. ECU - Fuel trim
  A sample walkthrough of dialing in deadtime and airflow for idle and cruise conditions using data from the ECU. Explains how fuel trims work and how they can be used as an indicator of your ECU's configuration.
Mar 29, 2010