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ECMLink (V3) Laptop Application Changelog

3.46.226 (07/04/2023)

  • Added full support for ARM processors (64-bit only)
    • Linux - works directly with serial ports; no setserial needed
    • Mac - universal image works on both Intel and M1/M2 Macs
  • Reduced build options
    • Removed Linux GUI installer script
    • Removed Linux .deb package
    • Removed Linux .rpm package
  • Rebuilt device driver from newer code base
    • Completely new code base for Windows
    • Updated code base for Linux and Mac
    • Rebuilt for ARM platforms
    • Ported over custom baud rate bug fixes

3.36.73 (02/09/2018)

  • Added support for post key-on fuel pump prime function.

3.34.151 (04/22/2017)

  • Fixed an annoying warning message that really didn't mean anything was actually wrong.

3.34.150 (04/22/2017)

  • Added support for 64-bit Linux JVM (should auto detect at runtime)
  • Added row-based (left-to-right) and column-based (top-to-bottom) interpolation options to tables
  • Added scaling/multiply option to tables and lists

3.33.115 (11/27/2016)

  • Apparently 80 psi still wasn't enough… Extended boost field range on FPS, EGR and Boost (WGS) tabs from 80 psi to 117 psi.
  • Added airflow and boost-based fuel cut options to the ECU Config→Fuel tab. If you have a MAP sensor defined in your ECU Inputs tab, you can specify the pressure at which you'd like fuel cut. If you do not, you can use LoadFactor instead.
  • Extended LoadFactor upper limit. It's impossible to given an exact boost figure here, of course, because LoadFactor is based on the mass of air going into the cylinder per revolution of the engine which varies for the same manifold pressure depending on the volumetric efficiency of your setup. But it's roughly extended from about 70 psi to 140 psi.
  • This update includes proper application signatures for both Windows and MacOS as well as a new installation platform and a new underlying runtime library. Any one of these could cause problems…all three at the same time will surely cause someone some grief. So please report ASAP.
  • New rpm and debian package distributions for Linux. Forewarning…there has been *zero* testing of these two items. We're tossing them up because they come for free with our new install platform. If someone needs them and gets a chance to test them, please let us know how it goes!
  • NOTE: Linux installations will require that you already have Java 1.8 installed on your system. Most distributions come with that by default these days, but just in case…

3.29.64 (10/15/2014)

  • Extended boost field range on FPS, EGR and Boost (WGS) tabs from 60psi to 80psi for a few (OK, one) crazy individuals. This could get interesting!

3.29.63 (10/01/2014)

  • The “Stop capture” action now creates a new auto-named datalog file and writes current stream and configuration data to it if no live datalog file had been established previously. Prior to this release, the decision to create a new auto-named datalog file was only made when the stream was started. But now the user can decide before or after a stream has been started whether to auto save or not. The “Start stream” → “Stop stream” sequence remains unchanged; as does the “Start capture” sequence whether followed by “Stop stream” or “Stop capture”. The only sequence affected here is the “Start stream” → “Stop capture” sequence which now auto-creates a new datalog and dumps all previously memory-based datalog packets to the new file and initializes the datalog tab as though it had been created using the “Start capture” action.
  • “File→Open” and “File→Save as” will now default to the last “accessed” directory whether established via “File→Save as” *or* the auto-log-capture create process. Prior to this release, the auto-log process did not influence the initial directory where the “File→Open” or “File→Save as” dialog would start, leading to annoying navigation issues.

3.28.121 (03/25/2014)

  • Added display item for base fuel pressure. If you're logging a sensor that produces a fuel pressure readout (AutoMeter2246, GMACPress or LinFuelPress) and you have manifold pressure in your log as well (GM3Bar, Omni4Bar, AEM35, LinBoost, etc.), then this display item combines the two to calculate a base fuel pressure reading.
  • This release is really just to bump up the application version number so that we can release a new firmware update to fix some bugs in the ethanol sensor release. The application will complain if it's connecting to an ECU with a firmware version later than the application version.

3.28.106 (03/10/2014)

  • Added support for ethanol sensor functionality. Access to this function requires an ECU firmware upgrade as well. This change adds a number of new loggable parameters as well, including FlexFreq, FlexEthMix, FlexOctWeight and FlexFuelAdj.
  • Added support for user-editable minimum injector pulsewidth. Access to this function requires an ECU firmware upgrade as well.
  • Fixed minor display truncation bug in the Direct Access LTFTSelect table.

3.27.92 (10/28/2013)

  • Fixed bug that caused an application lock after some direct access updates.

3.26.90 (02/28/2013)

  • Added a new Direct Access table (CrankingFuelAdj) to allow adjustments to the temperature-based cranking fuel table in the ECU. Also defined a new log parameter called “CrankingFuelAdj” to view the ECU's adjustment to fuel taken from this table.
  • Extended ALS fuel adjustment range

3.26.65 (02/01/2013)

  • Changed default launch behavior on Macs to require 32-bit JVM. Hopefully this will help some users that are having problems with launching the app on a Mac.
  • Added HPbyAir that's basically just estimated HP divided by airflow in lb/min so you can chase after that magic 10:1 HP:air ratio! :) Thanks to Craig Starnes for the idea. It's surprisingly cool to see this plotted out. It really helps pinpoint areas where you might be giving up some HP.

3.26.35 (01/03/2013)

  • Added support for coolant and boost “windowed” parameters in EGR and FPS output controls. NOTES: Applies only to full V3 with programmable output controls and you must upgrade your ECU's firmware as well.

3.25.42 (11/27/2012)

  • Fixed bug that had accidentally removed the OpenLoopThresholds direct access tab from 2G V3Lite in a previous release
  • Added new min/max selection options in the graph display's right click menu
  • Fixed labels in linear oil pressure display properties (they used to say fuel pressure instead of oil pressure)
  • Very slight optimization in connection timing that might help produce a more consistent connection attempt
  • Extended the fuel tab's “calculate” dialog's maximum flow rate from 2000 cc/min to 2500 cc/min

3.25.16 (09/03/2012)

  • Added generic linear oil pressure item
  • Added support for Autometer 2252 fluid temperature sensor
  • Fixed export datalog feature to better support international numbers with commas in them

3.24.153 (04/25/2012)

  • No functional changes made. This release only bumps the version number up to match the latest firmware versions.

3.24.144 (04/24/2012)

  • Added support for new quick-connect mode that's available with the latest firmware release (firmware versions equal to or greater than 3.24.143).
  • Added support for detecting when a battery reset event has occurred that may have caused the loss of recent configuration changes. You must upgrade your firmware as well in order to get this new functionality.

3.24.70 (02/07/2012)

  • Added ability to define local resource files for things like new key bindings or different languages on button text and some message dialogs. Help with setting up alternative key bindings can be found here.
  • Enhanced application tolerance for truncated log files

3.22.172 (05/12/2011)

  • Fixed a bug in the SD VE table update mechanism that prevented the user from being able to change the last few cells of the table in the full V3 release without also having to change other cells. Changing any one of the last few cells by themselves did not work properly.

3.21.109 (11/22/2010)

  • Extended global fuel adjustment range to accommodate 2150s on gasoline.

3.21.108 (11/12/2010)

  • Added “set values” helper to tables and lists where you can select a range of points and set all the values to a new value you specify.
  • Added “linear interpolation” helper to tables and lists where you can select a range of points (or a block of cells in a table) and have the application automatically fill in with end-to-end or corner-to-corner linear interpolation values. Helps to smooth out areas easier than doing it by hand.
  • Added “next tab” and “prev tab” accelerators. Pressing alt+left will move to the “previous” tab in the tab panel and alt+right will more to the “next” tab. Very handy when working on a laptop in the car where you'd rather not move the fingers away from the keyboard anymore than you have to. Makes switching between the datalog tab and the ECU configuration settings tabs much more convenient.
  • Change the way ECU configuration and datalog graph views handled “focus” changes when tabs switched. This keeps keyboard focus on the main table being edited when you switch between the datalog tab and an ECU configuration tab. For example, when editing the SD VE table and you switch back and forth between the datalog tab and the SD VE table. Keyboard focus used to leave the SD VE table so you always had to click back on the table to start editing again. This changes that behavior to you can just swap back and forth and edit constantly without moving the hands from the keyboard.
  • Added AEM model number (30-2301) to the “AEM wideband” alias item to help differentiate it from all the other AEM WB routines out there.
  • Fixed a few direct access display bugs that caused some goofy behavior on a few systems. Sometimes the DA tab would come up empty, for example, and you had to close the tab and open it again to fix it.
  • Fixed how the WGS (boost control) tab handled the “enabled” state to allow for setups where boost control was being used without a boost sensor connected. It could be done before, but now it's a lot easier without any goofy workarounds.
  • Added new “toggle last saved” button to the ECU Config area that lets you toggle your current tab view between what you're currently editing and the last saved values. This is REALLY useful when editing SD VE tables, for example. Particularly when working with helper-suggested adjustments. It's handy to see exactly how much of an adjustment was suggested and in which cells so you can smooth around those areas appropriately.
  • Changed how the “show stock values” button works in direct access to be more intuitive. Now, when you press “show stock values”, you can just immediately hit “save to ecu” to copy those values into the ECU instead of having to do an explicit “use stock values” operation first (which was a little confusing).

3.21.40 (09/08/2010)

  • Added “set values” and “zero values” dialog box to the boost control tables. Will probably add this same function to other tables later.
  • Exposed new fields on the antilag control tab to help guys using this function on automatics. The new fields allow the user to define the throttle position and hi/low speed points that activate ALS and control when launch logic vs. clutch switch logic is used.

3.20.254 (08/02/2010)

  • Minor release just to update the help files with boost control pages.

3.20.252 (07/28/2010)

  • Added support to the application for 1G boost control logic soon to be released as a firmware upgrade
  • Added PacketInt log item to show the time between data packets received from the ECU. This is useful in identifying areas of a log file where you may have saved an update to the ECU as the log file was being captured.
  • Added the ability to open firmware request files directly in the application. This provides additional information about the request file and then opens both the settings and direct access tabs with data from that request file.

3.20.245 (07/22/2010)

  • Added support to the application for new boost control logic to be released soon for the full V3 package.
  • Added new adjustment tool for use with boost control dial-in.
  • Added new “ECUBoost” log item to display the ECU's idea of boost based on MAP sensor configuration in the ECU Inputs tab.
  • Changed SDRatio so that the SDRatio adjustment tool uses displacement directly off the SDVE tab to configure SDRatio's displacement property first before doing any VE calculations.
  • Correcting the conversion from inHg to mmHg when kg/cm2 selected for display units on boost
  • Adjusted mileage estimation to more correctly handle throttle lift conditions (where no fuel flow results in crazy mileage numbers).
  • Adjusted “copy table to clipboard” operation to work better on Mac platforms when pasted into Excel.
  • Renamed A/C Comp and A/C Comp Pin to indicate more clearly what these values represent. They are now named A/C rqst and A/C rqst Pin because they are really the requested state from the A/C computer of the A/C compressor and not the actual state.
  • Updated AEM WB display routines to properly support AEM's new sensor.

3.20.174 (05/21/2010)

  • Major new functionality support in Fuel tab. This version has support for the new individual deadtimes soon to be released as a firmware upgrade.
  • Also added support for microsecond deadtime adjustments. Like the individual deadtimes support, none of this will appear on your screen until you have upgraded your firmware.
  • Drag and Drop tab support (tab re-ordering).
  • Updated support for the new and improved AEM 30-5130 WB unit.
  • This version changes the default structure of direct access and firmware request files. Old applications (prior to 3.20.174) will not be able to open the new versions of these files. This application (3.20.174 and beyond) can still open old files, though. It's just old applications that can't open new files.
  • Allows zooming while live datalog stream is in progress. This is useful sometimes even though it sounds a little strange at first.
  • Updated time label in the datalog graph view to retain selection width information as you change tab views.

3.20.115 (03/19/2010)

  • Fixed bug with MAFComp tab on V3Lite which prevented the tab from displaying anything in certain combinations of ECU type and Base MAF selections.
  • Added support for the new AEM Analog wideband gauge/sensor combination. This is AEM model number 30-5130 and represents a much nicer model than any previous AEM kit. This kit might actually be usable…

3.20.107 (03/16/2010)

  • Minor tweak to the global fuel estimate tool to use 42.6 psi as stock base pressure on 2Gs and EVO1-3s
  • When a user selects the “remove from display-all” option, we now also remove the item from the legend
  • Added support for new V3Lite functions (fuel, timing and MAF comp tabs)

3.20.52 (01/20/2010)

  • Removed “undefined” from list of available captured values.
  • Added support for V3Lite on 1G and 2G DSMs.

3.19.139 (12/22/2009)

  • Added new load scale feature to allow for scaling of the load axis for engine displacement larger than 2 liter. This feature could also be used to increase the maximum load row of the main timing and fuel tables inside the ECU.
  • Native support for Windows 7 (without the need for compatibility mode).
  • Merged various logging values into one so that you can view more information using less bandwidth. This effectively increases logging rate! You will need to upgrade your ECU firmware to v3.19.139 as well in order to get this new functionality.
  • Added support for new AFRatioEst display item that displays the ECU’s target A/F ratio in a way that’s more accurate and much easier to use. You will need to upgrade your ECU firmware to v3.19.139 as well in order to get this new functionality.
  • Change reflash logic to be more reliable. Although we’ve not had any problems with our previous implementation, the new version is even more failsafe. This does mean firmware upgrades will take a bit longer when you flash the firmware to your ECU, but the enhanced reliability should be a comfort to you.
  • Change allowable value limits for all the custom “linear” routines.

3.19.116 (12/03/2009)

  • Changed “use as default list” option behavior with displayed values to work more intuitively.
  • Added a user-defined option for MAP scaling to use with speed density operation.
  • Fixed minor bug in copy/paste table functionality when pasting data of mismatching column size.
  • Adding application warning when connecting to an ECU with firmware that's newer than the application.
  • Added initial support for a much easier version of AFRatioEst to be released in a future firmware update.
  • Added application support for relocatable locations inside the ECU. This is needed for the AFRatioEst change as well as a few others planned for future release.
  • Updated a few help files pages that were missing details on recent feature additions.

3.19.70 (10/15/2009)

  • Fixed deadlock that could occur when changing parameters for certain display items
  • Fixed issue with 64-bit “AMD” Linux systems
  • Fixed bug with using LinearBoost and LinearWideband at the same time (they used each other's display configuration items).
  • Added LinearFuelPress item for logging user-defined fuel pressure sensors.
  • Added “always on top” and “opacity” items for detached table views. This allows the user to keep the timing table on top of the graph window while scrolling through the graph. Adjustable opacity lets the graph window “show through” the detached table view even with “always on top” is set.
  • NOTE: To use the opacity function from above, you MUST install a full release of at least 3.19.40 before installing this update. The full 3.19.40 release includes a new Java VM that provides the required opacity functionality. Without this, you simply won't get opacity functionality on your detached windows.
  • Added “show all available” function to automatically display everything possible from a given datalog. You can remove items from the “auto-all” list by unchecking the “include in display all” checkbox for each item you want to ignore.

3.19.64 (10/6/2009)

  • Fixed bug in Linux installer that could have prevented the application from starting up on certain systems.
  • Fixed graph rendering optimization bug that caused artifacts in certain datalog items when viewed with a high zoom factor.
  • Changed Ctrl-Q (Toggle hide-all) so that the previous and current “hide state” was tracked separate from any current display item state. This makes the function behave properly when your first (upper left) display item is hidden from display by default.

3.19.60 (9/30/2009)

  • Lots of optimization on graph rendering logic.
  • Added dashed line and thick line options for each display item. Be care with the dashed line option. This is an “expensive” operation in terms of CPU usage. Don't use this option for values that change frequently (like front O2).
  • Changed Ctrl-Q (Toggle hide-all) so that it toggles between hide-all and show-default instead of hide-all and show-all. This seems to be a more natural usage scenario.
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). You *must* update the cable driver, however. Do that first.

3.19.49 (9/17/2009)

  • Added support for logging LoadFactor rather than factory load index to EVO1-3 ECUs
  • Updated support for EVO1-3 record structures to work with new extended timing and fuel tables
  • Added new buttons to bottom of graph display for quicker access to embedded ECU Config and Direct Access data while viewing datalogs
  • Fixed bogus error message when trying to run dial-in helpers under MacOS without first having the ECU Config tab open.

3.19.40 (9/10/2009)

  • Fixed up/down arrow issue with ALS timing field
  • Fixed RPM indices on MAFClamp table (they now show the appropriate RPM indices based on ECU capabilities)
  • Increased selection contrast on SD VE table to match direct access
  • Expanded help docs related to IdleAir clamp function
  • Added support for new “disable MAF Comp while running in SD mode” checkbox (requires matching firmware upgrade to access this function)
  • Changed Java VM memory options to allow for more simultaneous large files to be opened
  • Changed default (bundled) Java VM version. To get this, however, you must install a “full” release. The “update” does not include a bundled JVM. This does not fix any known issues, so it's not really that critical.

3.19.20 (8/22/2009)

  • Added fast idle ISC tables for EVO1-3 direct access
  • Display an appropriate error when we get no response from reflash operation
  • Fixed 2 bugs related to real-time changes while datalogging. You should be able to use the instant “save as changes are made” option while logging.
  • Fixed bug related to optimized save of small changes to large tables that was actually dropping updates at the end of the block.

3.19.6 (8/7/2009)

  • Increased contrast on selection highlighting with direct access tables

3.19.3 (8/3/2009)

  • Added logic to speed up large table updates (like the speed density table)
  • Corrected spelling of Celsius 8-O
  • Added more EVO1-3 support functions, including speed density
  • Added experimental “save to ECU as changes are made” button. USE WITH CARE! This can act flaky if you are making changes while datalogging at the same time. We'll either fix that behavior or remove this function, depending on the level of interest and testing results.

3.18.239 (7/15/2009)

  • Updated linear wideband property names to indicate lambda instead of boost
  • Enabled “raw” and “hex” views to direct access tables
  • First release of EVO1-3 support added to application

3.18.230 (7/6/2009)

  • Added support for the Omni Power 3 and 4-bar sensors. These can be datalogged, used for speed density operation or used for MAFClamp functions.

3.18.205 (6/13/2009)

  • Added initial speed density documentation
  • Corrected glitch in AEMWB Gauge R1 mapping at 0.62v and 4.52v

3.18.196 (6/5/2009)

  • Fixed bug in detached-tables when minimizing and then restoring the application's main window
  • Corrected inversion bug in SD table update wizard
  • Added “tip in” correction table to direct access

3.18.182 (5/24/2009)

  • Adjusted GM 3-bar display routine to precisely match Delphi specification. This was actually a VERY minor change.
  • Made some design changes to support new device “plug in” modules coming later.
  • Made reboot/reconnect after direct access update much faster.
  • Added framework to application to support new SD features coming soon.
  • Fixed minor bugs in direct access display (like making color maps optional)

3.18.116 (3/20/2009)

  • Added function to allow live cell highlighting of various direct access tables
  • Added function to detach various direct access tables from the application as floating windows.
  • Added ability to individually color graph legend items.
  • Slight change to BoostEst definition that may cause this item to disappear from your graph legend. Simply add it back using the Display Values dialog box if this happens.
  • Small adjustment to LC1WB display routine to improve accuracy
  • Added application version string to About box
  • Added a few help file pages for functions that will be available in future firmware upgrades. You can ignore these until the firmware upgrade is available. These pages include Speed Density, AuxMaps, and EGR.

3.18.44 (1/12/2009)

  • Improved the MAF adjustment helper - MAFComp Adjust (CombinedFT)
  • Added support for estimated HP and Torque for V1/V2 ECUs
  • Fixed bug in datalog export function where the running timestamp was being reported as RPM

3.18.33 (1/1/2009)

3.17.158 (12/30/2008)

  • Fixed bug with reset LTFT function when used with a DSMLink (V2) ECU
  • Added V3 MAF Compensation global scalar “helper” to help auto center the MAF compensation table - MAF Adj: CombinedFT
  • Tweaked fuel calculator to provide an initial estimate of injector size and to allow for use of calculated global fuel adjustment
  • Added View menu items to edit ECU Config and DirectAccess data embedded in a datalog more easily

3.17.154 (12/26/2008)

  • Changed version number in about box (may require re-acceptance of license agreement)
  • Added some details to help file
  • Added reset of long term fuel trim ECU menu item
  • Added MAF adjustment “wizard” based on CombinedFT
  • Misc: added ClosedLoop, fixed 1G EGR log item, added 0.5 min-clip to AEM 3.5 and AEM 5-bar, added details to some direct access tabs

3.17.142 (12/15/2008)

  • Initial release
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