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ECMLink (V3Lite) Firmware Changelog

Firmware upgrade page

This page is ONLY for the V3Lite package. If you have the full V3 package, you need to refer to the Full V3 Firmware Changelog instead.

3.36.63 (02/09/2018)

  • Added option to prime the fuel rail by running the fuel pump for some amount of time after key on. The option is located on the “ECU Config→Misc” tab. It should default to 0 seconds to simulate stock behavior and you should be able to increase this in half-second steps up to, I think, 30 seconds. When you turn the ignition key on, the pump should run for this many seconds as long as the ignition key is on. If you disrupt this time by turning the ignition key off, the pump should stop immediately and then restart the full prime time again when you next restore the key to the on position.

3.33.114 (11/27/2016)

  • Added airflow and boost-based fuel cut options. You'll find these in the ECU Config→Fuel tab once you have updated your laptop application.

3.28.117 (03/25/2014)

  • Fixed a major bug in the previous 1G release (3.28.105) of ECMLink that caused the ECU to reset randomly while logging due to a stack overflow. To fix this issue, we had to make a huge number of changes to the base factory code to free up stack space. This type of change is risky! We've tested extensively, but please be aware of the possibility for more unexpected issues as more people exercise more functionality.
  • Fixed a relatively minor bug in the 2G that allowed non-zero MAFComp adjustments to randomly creep into SD operation even if you had the “ignore MAFComp while running SD” checkbox checked.

3.28.105 (03/10/2014)

  • Added support for a user-editable minimum injector pulsewidth. This value can be used to prevent the ECU from attempting to operate the injector outside of its linear areas of flow. Also added functionality to disable fuel trim lean out when you've already reached the minimum injector pulsewidth. Defining the minimum injector pulsewidth somewhere just below the pulsewidth typically seem at idle on a fully warmed engine seems to help smooth out a number of transitional cases where IPW momentarily dips into non-linear areas of operation as happens sometimes when rolling to a stop with large injectors. If the injectors are large enough, it's even possible to get into a situation where you're operating the injector outside its linear range even at idle! So you may find that you need a minimum IPW so high that your typical idle is at a constant (minimum) pulsewidth.
  • Made some significant changes to internal code structure. Although this provides no obvious changes to functionality, it does warrant mention simply due to the wide-sweeping impact this change could have on any number of other functions. A lot of testing has been done to ensure that nothing has been broken, but do keep in mind the potential is there for unexpected behavior and/or bugs.

3.26.72 (10/09/2013)

  • Added “cranking fuel cut” feature to EVO1-3 chips (was already in other versions). When cranking the engine with the throttle to the floor, ECMLink cuts fuel to provide a way of clearing out a flooded engine. The ECU does need to “see” a low throttle angle some time before cranking or else it will flag the TPS as bad and then disable the cranking fuel cut feature. So floor the throttle only when you're just about to start cranking.
  • Reduced the minimum injector pulsewidth in order to support larger injectors at idle.
  • Changed cranking fuel cut not to activate the cut unless less than WOT is seen as some point after ECU power-up. This prevents a bad TPS signal from inadvertently triggering cranking fuel cut.

3.24.152 (04/25/2012)

  • Fixed major bug in upgrade process that could leave some V3 flash modules semi-bricked.

3.24.143 (04/24/2012)

  • Added functionality to significantly reduce the chances of a sudden battery reset event from wiping out recent config changes.
  • Added functionality to keep laptop application in sync with current configuration settings inside the ECU. This allows for super fast reconnects, but also allows for notification to the user when settings are changed unexpectedly.

3.20.115 (03/22/2010)

  • Fixes idle bug with 1G ECUs running stock MAF as their Base MAF type.

3.20.107 (03/16/2010)

  • Extended V3Lite functionality to include RPM-based fuel and timing tabs as well as the MAFComp tab required to use our automated MAF adjustment tool.

3.20.52 (01/25/2010)

  • Added support for 1G and 2G DSMs!

3.19.139 (12/23/2009)

  • Enhanced logging of various bit values (ECU pin inputs, etc.) to increase logging rate when viewing those items.
  • Changed logging of LoadFactor to increase log rate.
  • Released a new and improved AFRatioEst that makes using this critical log item even easier and more accurate, particularly with larger injectors at idle and even cruise conditions.
  • Adjusted MAF edge detection logic to be more accurate.

3.19.49 (09/17/2009)

  • Added support for extended timing and fuel tables. This increases both the size and resolution of the open loop fuel table and also increases the usable resolution on the timing table.
  • Adjusted the stock TmngMaxOct and TmngMinOct tables a bit to remove some of the goofiness defined by the factory on the highest load row.
  • To use this release, you MUST download and install at least version 3.19.49 of the laptop application first.

3.19.40 (09/08/2009)

  • Original release. Supports EVO1-3 ECUs. Some details here.
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