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About Us
Like many small company products, DSMLink started out as a simple hobby. Dave Mertz and Thomas Dorris, both DSM owners, met at a drag strip one evening sometime in 1997. Discussion that evening quickly turned from cars to computers and then logically computers in cars. Curiosity got the best of them and within a few days the code from their engine control module (ECM) had been dumped and the fun had begun.
After a few years of work, they had a good handle on the coding but were growing tired of burning chips all the time. They wanted to put some of the common functionality into RAM and develop a laptop application to control it all. A couple years after that, they began fielding questions from others at the local tracks and decided it was time to make a version available to the public.
DSMLink was officially released on January 15, 2002. It was developed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts and as such it tends to have exactly what users need without all the mess and complexity they don't. Since its release, DSMLink has gone through a number of changes and continues to evolve to this day. Future plans include even more functionality, a more powerful memory device, an entirely redesigned user interface, new platforms and even entirely new product lines.
At ECMTuning we work hard to develop our reputation as a responsive, focused company that keeps customer satisfaction as a top priority. We will continue that trend as we develop more exciting products and enhance our existing ones.