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ECU service request $44.00

Basic process:

  1. Add this item to your cart and pre-pay return shipping when you check out. Please put a comment in the comments field (during checkout) to briefly describe the problem you're having.
  2. Ship the parts to us along with a printed copy of your order form to the address listed on our contacts page.
  3. Once we receive your ECU, we'll look it over and get back to you on what we find wrong and an estimate to do the repair/work.
  4. When we get an OK from you to proceed, we'll do the work and contact you again to arrange final payment.

PLEASE include a copy of this order when you ship your package to us.

SOCKET AND CAPS: If you're sending us an EPROM ECU for regular socket and caps, please use our socket and caps ordering page instead.

MINIMUM COST: In addition to pre-paying return shipping, what you're paying for when you order this item is our minimum charge. We will credit this amount towards any repairs we do. But if your ECU shows up in perfectly good working condition, then the cost of this service item will cover our testing time.

Estimate: We can't give an estimate on the repair total until we have seen the ECU ourselves. There are just too many factors involved to make any reasonable guess without physically inspecting the ECU. If the ECU needs more than 60 minutes of work when it arrives, we will advise you of this before we proceed. If it's less than 60 minutes, we will usually go ahead with the work and then contact you for payment when it's done.

If you're curious what some typical ECU repairs look like, you can see some examples on our ECU Repair page.

Supported ECUs: We are most comfortable working on turbo model 1990-1997 DSM ECUs. These are found in Mitsubishi Eclipses, Eagle Talons and Plymouth Lasers. We can also work on various other turbo model Mitsubishi ECUs and some non-turbo 1990-1994 Mitsubishi ECUs. But you may want to contact us first to confirm if you have any doubts or concerns.

Costs: We'll examine the parts when they arrive and get back to you via e-mail with an estimate on the work. A general repair or cleanup is charged in 10-minute increments ($18 per increment). The total bill can be paid in using the 10-minute work block item. This will be handled after the work is complete.

Tips: Please include a copy of this order with your parts when you send them in! This can't be stressed enough. It makes our life so much easier if we get the part with the reference all in one package. It also helps tremendously if you can make sure the shipping address used in this order is the address where you would actually like the parts returned to.

Available Options:
Problem desc/work requested:
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 07 December, 2008.
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