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ECMLink V3 Upgrade (from v1 or v2) $245.00

Upgrade your existing V1 or V2 DSMLink package to a new V3 ECMLink package. Check to make sure you have the required components first, though! That is especially important if you just bought a used DSMLink package from someone and are now wanting to upgrade to V3.

ECMLink is the result of nearly 3 years of work. We took an already perfectly good package and made it better. A LOT better. Everything was redesigned, rebuilt, and recoded to roll in everything we learned from our first 6 years of business. V3 isn't really an upgrade as much as it is a completely new product! The full feature list just isn't practical in this small space.

You can read more on the details on our V3 Summary Page. You can also get a quick idea of the basic screens on our V3 Screenshots Page.

Process: Once you have submitted payment for your order, we'll look it over and get back to you with an e-mail that details the next steps. Please be patient on this e-mail response. It may take a few hours up to a day (or more if placed on the weekend!) to get back to you. But just to give you a heads up on the process, you will need to box up the following items and mail them to us.

  1. V1/V2 datalog cable (For 2Gs, that INCLUDES the OBDII adapter!) (For 1Gs, we prefer to get your original datalogging cable back, but we don't *really* have to get that if you need to keep it for some reason.)
  2. DSMLink EPROM (For 2Gs, that's just the EPROM chip inside your ECU with our name on it.) (For 1Gs, you MUST INCLUDE the memory module in addition to the EPROM chip!)

PLEASE include a copy of this order with your upgrade items or at least some piece of paper identifying yourself so we can associate the package with your order! This is VERY important! Otherwise your order will be significantly delayed. The address to ship everything to can be found on our contact page.

System Requirements: A listing of the basic system requirements can be found on our System Requirements page.

Contents: The V3 upgrade package is practically a complete EPROM only package. You are sending us your old V2 package and we're sending you a new, complete V3 package. This will contain a new USB datalogging cable, install CD, and V3 flash device (EPROM replacement).

Turn around time: As long as we receive your old package by UPS, we can almost always get your upgrade back out the same day we receive it. Other carriers may add a day's delay.

Speed density note: If you plan to run speed density instead of a mass airflow sensor, you'll need to select "Stock MAF" below as your MAF Type and then simply configure the ECU yourself when you get it installed in your car. Instructions on configuring speed density can be found on our SD Setup page. To keep the order form from getting any more complicated, we have chosen to leave speed density off the list because that selection requires even more information (which MAP sensor you have installed and on which ECU input, which varies depending on ECU, etc.).

Available Options:
1. ECU Type:
2. Injectors:
3. Injectors (other):
4. MAF Type:
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 December, 2008.
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